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AMISH STOCK. Over 3000 images of the Amish Community. Scenics, lifestyles, people and documentary photos from the following locations: HOLMES COUNTY, OHIO. The largest Amish population in the world is located in Ohio's three county area including Holmes, Wayne, and Tuscarawas. The rural nature of the rolling hills provides an attractive setting for horse drawn buggies on unpaved back roads, eighteenth century farming and the unhurried life of the Old Order Amish.

GEAUGA COUNTY, OHIO. The third largest Amish population in the world is also in Ohio. It is centered around the town of Middlefield in the Geauga and Trumbull county areas. In addition to farming, this area has many Amish craftsman with home based businesses such as woodworking, cabinet making, furniture, harness shops and leather working, bakery shops, canned goods, maple syrup, meat packing, quilts, rag rugs, and nurseries.

LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA. The second largest Amish population in the world is the most well known and visited by many tourists. Well established and attractive farms are the backdrop for Amish scenes and activities. Tourist buses meander through the countryside while shops, motels and restaurants line the main highways. Maintaining the Amish way of life is particularly challenging here in towns like Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse.

MIFFLIN COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA. The "Big Valley" is off the beaten path and somewhat isolated from tourists. Three different orders of Amish share the valley with their "English" neighbors. They are easily identified by their buggies, black, yellow and white. The "white buggy Amish" or "Nebraska" Amish are considered to be the oldest of the Old Order. Unpainted barns identify their farms. The houses have no curtains or rugs. Oil cloth or brown paper is used to cover the windows. The buggies have white cloth tops on simple brown box bottoms. Kerosene lanterns are the buggy lights. The women use head scarves instead of bonnets. The men wear white shirts and brown trousers held up with a rope belt.

NEW WILMINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA. A small community of Amish using a distinctive orange top buggy is located in the hills of western PA.

ENON VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA. One church disrict of about 20 families is located here. The bright yellow buggies are very distinctive. #000000 3010 ANDOVER, OHIO. Located near Pymatuning Lake is a small community of white buggy Amish. They were formerly part of the community in Big Valley, PA.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA. This warm, sunny locale is winter home to many "retired" Amish from up north. Most of the residents come from Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. It is also a popular vacation spot for Amish tourists. Charter buses make regular trips during the prime season. Bicycles and tricycles take the place of horse drawn buggies. Some folks sell citrus fruit at stands in front of their small air conditioned homes.


PEOPLE: include men, women and children showing styles of dress, daily activities like domestic chores, farm work, attending school, shopping and travel.

BUGGIES: Vehicles include black, gray, orange, yellow and white top buggies, open buggies, two wheeled "runabouts", and wagons of many styles.

FARMING. Crops include wheat, corn, hay, soybeans, and tobacco. Field work includes plowing, cultivating, planting, harvesting and fertilizing. Many farms also raise animals such as draft horses, dairy cattle, hogs and chickens.

SCENICS. Rural landscapes, rolling hills, winding county roads, farms, fields, pastures.

BUILDINGS. Farm houses, barns, silos, windmills, fences, water wheels, sugar shacks, and schools.

HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Furniture, wood stoves, ice boxes, milk cans, rocking chairs, propane lamps, books, newspapers, hand pumps, toys, bikes, wagons, scooters, sleds, quilts, rag rugs, tools, cooking utensils, canned food and baked goods. (Nothing like Amish Shoe Fly pie!

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